The Guy From Mali, Risking Life, I Have Saved The 4-Year-Old Boy For What He Has Received A Generous Gift From The President Of France

Published by king-ermac @ July 12th at 1:03pm

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The Guy From Mali, Risking Life, I Have Saved The 4-Year-Old Boy For What He Has Received A Generous Gift From The President Of France

Mamudu Gassama — a name which still all will have very famous long time. The young man from Mali for only a few seconds became the recognized hero, having made really courageous act for what has already obtained citizenship of France and recognition of people worldwide. with admiration tells you about the person who precisely deserves to be well-known.

The 22-year-old guy has told that he just went to watch a football match when has seen the child who has hung on a balcony. Without having become puzzled, Mamudu without any fluctuations has started saving him. I have got on the 4th floor without insurance and less than in 30 seconds I have managed to intercept the boy from hands of the man holding him, having transferred the kid on a balcony.

The man who at this moment insured the boy and held him by a hand just couldn't make the same because of the disturbing balcony partition. The sharp movements in this situation could lead to awful consequences.

So all who at that moment were below saw the events.

There was all this on May 26 approximately at 20:00, and firefighters have arrived to the place of incident when the kid already was in safety. The broken nail became his only trauma, Gassama has got off with several scratches.

"Thank God that the person who was in a good physical shape and who had enough courage to save the boy was near" — the representative of fire service has told.

The eyewitnesses shooting the events with the phones have uploaded video in network where it zavirusitsya instantly and has collected about 8 million viewings per day. The Malian for his ability to climb up walls right there was nicknamed "Spiderman".

Mamudu's courage didn't remain unnoticed and the authorities of France. The president of the country Emmanuel Macron and the mayor of Paris Anne dalgo have already expressed him the gratitude. The guy has been recognized as the hero and awarded with a medal for bravery. An unexpected surprise of steel for him the nationality presented by Macron and employment in rescue and fire fighting service.


The guy from Mali, risking life, I have saved the 4-year-old boy for what he has received a generous gift from the president of France


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The Malian has told that he has arrived to France to begin new life, and modestly answered questions of the event: "I love children and didn't want that the boy has suffered. I have run and have begun to look for ways to save him. Thank God that I could get on balconies. I remember that all shivered when we have come into the apartment. I have sat down on a floor and several more minutes couldn't come to myself".

Who such Mamudu Gassama? He is 22 years old, and till 2013 he lived in the city of Yagin in the southwest of Mali. There has passed the way of the illegal migrant, and in 2014 from the second attempt has got to Italy. The first was stopped by the border services.

Also it has turned out that he has arrived in France only because there lived his brother. And when Mamudu has arrived to Paris, he had to be killed by casual earnings on different construction works. From here probably and his good physical training. He lived in the hostel, slept on a floor.

At a meeting with the president of France he admitted: "I had no means of livelihood, and I didn't receive any help from anybody. I much everything have worried. We were caught, beaten, but I all the same didn't lose hope".

It is necessary to recognize, it is a story about nonrandom accident. Gassama has turned out in the right place and in due time what the destiny has generously thanked him for. And we can safely tell now: not all heroes wear raincoats.

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