The guy went on the park, he was a little in poor shape, nearby there was an old dog …

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The Guy Went On The Park, He Was A Little In Poor Shape, Nearby There Was An Old Dog …

The guy of years of eighteen went on the park. He slightly privolakivat both legs why his gait looked a little strange. But his back was equal, a step – sure, a look direct and firm. On a long lead he held a dog. She was very old, it was noticeable also by her slow uncertain gait, and by gray-haired wool, and by the watering eyes. They went nearby, and at once it was visible that they together. … — Mothers! Look, a dog! – the ringing children's voice has broken off a habitual rumble of the big city. – It is possible I will give her the sandwich?

Mila has heaved a deep sigh. Again begins. Dimka has already tortured her request to buy a dog. Directly Kid and some Carlson. But Mila categorically was against. At first infinite pools, then wool … Besides she perfectly understood that all cares of a dog – walk, feedings, inoculations and other – will lay down on her shoulders. Dimka was still too small that he could look after other living being.

— Dimka, you know, there is nobody to look after a dog. I for days on end at work, you at school, besides you still too small.

— And father?

— And the father — here Mila's voice has foully trembled, fortunately, Dimka owing to age couldn't pay attention to it yet — and the father has no time to come to us to walk with a dog.

Dimka has frowned. Mila, having again sighed, I have got the sandwich which is laid up if Dimka will get hungry during walk from a package and I have given to the son. The boy has approached the lying dog and has accurately put near his muzzle a piece of bread with sausage.

The dog was already very old. He just lay on a grass of the park and waited when at last this bright light which so irritated him the inflamed eyes goes out. Unexpectedly before him there was a little man. He has stretched a piece something very delicious smelling. The dog has carefully taken an entertainment and is grateful has licked with pleasure smelling palm. The boy has run off and has left, all the time looking back. To a dog it became suddenly very warm. He has covered eyes and has fallen asleep. Forever.

In several days Mila has gone out for a walk from Dimkaya on the playground. Children froliced, rustled, chased one after another, rode from the hill. Dimka ran with all too, joyfully laughing. He has got on a horizontal bar. Mila wanted to stop him, but wasn't in time. Dimka has broken down, has ridiculously plopped down and couldn't get up.

Three months later Mila who has turned black from a grief has brought Dimka home. In a wheelchair. Doctors assumed that not all is lost, but it was difficult to believe in it. Most likely Dimka will never be able to go any more. And Dimka … in a chair … serious and silent, even in eight years understanding that there was something very bad … He didn't cry any more and wasn't afraid …

Mila has rolled a carriage in a corridor.


Also I have opened a door to the neighboring room.

From there, ridiculously rolling over on short crooked pads, the shaggy red puppy has crept out. He funny wrinkled a muzzle and was rubbed the nose in everything by wet black.


The guy went on the park, he was a little in poor shape, nearby there was an old dog …


— Dimka — as having managed strictly I have told Mila — you promised that you will bring up a dog. Time to keep the promise has come.

In Dimk's half a year I have got up from a chair. He very quickly was tired and sat down back, but he could take several steps. And in few months he has gone for a walk with a puppy (now an adult dog), the called ridiculous and unclear name Bendik. Dimka very slowly went, holding Mila's hand, uncertainly crossing legs. But I went.


The guy went on the park, he was a little in poor shape, nearby there was an old dog …


There have passed 10 years. Bendik has grown old, and already itself hardly moved paws. And Dimka, now Dima, went near him, ready if that to pick up him. And Dima knew that he is obliged to this dog what goes.

They went nearby. The young limping guy and an old dog. And him it was good together.


The guy went on the park, he was a little in poor shape, nearby there was an old dog …




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