The kid wrote the composition about the grandmother. it will touch your soul …

Posted by acapulcosilver 1/11/2019 12:23pm
The Kid Wrote The Composition About The Grandmother. It Will Touch Your Soul … ARTICLES

Child's view of the world surprisingly clean and honest. The kid did not learn to dissemble, wriggle, adapt to public opinion yet. He sees and tells everything as is. And it to us needs to learn from children.

The composition of the kid on the grandmother which you will read now is so sincere and truthful that tears roll on eyes. It seems that in these lines there is so much naivety, but peer into them more attentively — all of them hit the mark!

"The grandmother is such woman who has no children. She loves little girls and boys who children of other people. The grandfather is the grandmother, only the man too. He walks with boys, and they talk about fishing and other things.

Grandmothers should do nothing, only to come on a visit. They are old and therefore they cannot run and to jump much. But they can take away us on a fair, and they have to have a lot of money to take for a drive us on a roundabout.

If they with us walk, then they stop to look at any things, for example, on beautiful leaves or on caterpillars. They never say: "Went quicker". They wear glasses and can take out the teeth.

Grandmothers should not be very clever, only answer such questions how "Why dogs send cats?" or "Where at a worm the head". When they read us books, they pass nothing and do not say that we already read this fairy tale.

Everyone should try to have a grandmother, because they are the only adults who have free time for children."

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