The last year to pension i finished with impatience. in the first day children began to call me and to demand to become the nurse for grandsons …

Posted by acapulcosilver 7/4/2018 04:40pm
The Last Year To Pension I Finished With Impatience. In The First Day Children Began To Call Me And To Demand To Become The Nurse For Grandsons …

The last year to pension I finished with impatience. It is rather on rest already.

Plans I have adjusted: though just once abroad to go, by motor ship for few weeks to go to swimming yes visit the girlfriend in Vladivostok, 20 years didn't seem.

There has come long-awaited day. Having waited in line in the pension fund, I have handed over a package of documents for award of pension. Having left the stuffy placement on the street, I a full breast have inhaled freedom smell. Whether joke, 35 years of uninterrupted length of service. House, work, children.

All to be in time everywhere, to feed all — to serve. The benefit, the aunt to me left the apartment and from the husband three-room in the Tverskaya remained.

I leased housing, at institute on this money I have taught both children. And now everything, I can live life.


It is possible to tell, life only begins. Nearby a tour agency it is necessary to eat, come, to ask the price. Yes in a passport office to run, to take away the international passport. With these thoughts I have gone towards the house.

Phone call was distributed, on the screen it was highlighted: Tamara. The conversation with the daughter hasn't pleased me. She has congratulated me on retirement and at once has asked when I am able to begin to sit with the younger granddaughter, it is unprofitable to pay for a private garden.

And why to pay if there is a free grandmother on pension? Having reported that they have already taken away the granddaughter from a garden and tomorrow morning to me will bring, the daughter has hung up. In half an hour, approximately with the same request, the son has called. They have even not asked me, so, have presented with a fait accompli. I have to help them. I have to …

I have told the son that I have arrived to me tomorrow morning, have made 180 degree turn and have gone to tourist agency. Children with grandsons have come tearing along by 7 in the morning. Having seen the packed suitcase in a corridor, they filled up me with questions.

My family, I love you, and very much I love grandsons, but I won't sit with them. I came for deserved rest. I have grown up you, have learned, have given everyone on the apartment. You with families fly every year on holidays, and I only on you the brought magnetics also saw the sea.

Have conscience! I have bought the ticket to Argentina, tomorrow I have a plane. Eventually, I have deserved a holiday.

Children have taken offense, strongly. But in what I am not right? When they married yes children gave birth, didn't ask me: we are adult, we will understand. Here and let understand.

And I am waited by Villa Gesell and hot pensioners)


The last year to pension I finished with impatience. In the first day children began to call me and to demand to become the nurse for grandsons …

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