The Most Theatrical Madman. Yury Katin-Yartsev

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The Most Theatrical Madman. Yury Katin-Yartsev

On March 18, 1994, the People's artist of RSFSR Yury Vasilyevich Katin-Yartsev has died.

"If you knew how you are loved at us on Kolyma!" – the unshaven man in headdresses enthusiastically shouted and shook a hand of the little man with a nimbus of a gray hair around a bald head. The elderly actor, professor-shchukinets Yury Katin-Yartsev has understood: here she, has come long-awaited glory!

"In a rank of theatrical mentally ill people of our Homeland he is the most theatrical madman" — students joked about Katin-Yartsev and drew on him cartoons (the benefit, the picturesque appearance allowed), wrote epigrams. He was more than the teacher.

He was a mentor, the adviser, the confessor, the father. Yury Yakovlev, Vasily Lanovoy, Lyudmila Maksakova, Nina Ruslanova, Oleg Strizhenov, Tatyana Samoylova, Vasily Livanov, Alexander Zbruyev, Alexander Kalyagin, Alla Demidova, Leonid Filatov, Inna Ulyanova, Andrey Mironov, Alexander Shirvindt, Anastasia Vertinskaya, Sergey Prokhanov are only the few from those whom the Master's hand to whom he gave lectures has touched or with whom I put sketches, etudes, term papers.

The list can be continued infinitely … Konstantin Raikin, Natalya Gundareva, Evgenia Simonova, Yury Bogatyrev, Natalya Varley, Yury Vasilyev, Aleksandra Zakharova, Leonid Yarmolnik are already his direct pupils, graduates of his workshop. And this list is quite impressive too.

Katin-Yartsev remembered all – and those with whom I studied, and those whom I taught. The chronicle of school became the chronicle of his own life. Yury Vasilyevich traced actor's dynasties of "shchukinets", kept account of all people's artists of the USSR, professors, winners of various professional awards, wrote down names of movies where they acted. It can seem someone eccentricity, but for Katin-Yartsev this mute had huge value. It served as confirmation that the school has chosen the correct course, and teachers develop the necessary and right system of training. Progress of graduates is a progress of mentors.

Yury was the only child in family. His father is an accountant of the State Bank Vasily Nilovich Katin-Yartsev has died of typhus when the boy was eight years old. Mother, Yuniya Mikhaelovna, didn't marry any more and has devoted all herself to education of the son. Lived Katin-Yartsev in Spiridonyevsky Lane, near the bohemian Arbat. The geographical environment has exerted a certain impact on Yura too, he was surrounded by children, as a rule, from the creative environment. When the grandfather gave to the boy five-copeck coin for the fact that that wrote for him letters, Yura right there bought the new book on this "fee".

Katin-Yartsev visited two drama schools at once. The first – at Palace of culture of automobile works of Stalin (later – a name of Likhachev). The famous director Sergey Lvovich Stein directed studio. The Palace of amateur performances of children of Sovetsky district was the second address. The mentor – Meyerhold's pupil, the director Iosif Abramovich Shidlo. In 1939 Katin-Yartsev has graduated from school and from the first attempt has been admitted to school at the Vakhtangov Theatre. But only a month as has got to the Voroshilovsky appeal has studied and I have gone to army.

I have returned only in the 1946th. The Great Patriotic War – a huge and important stage in the biography Katin-Yartsev. He served in railway troops, built bridges in the Far East, then – in field army, the Voronezh front, the Kursk arch, the I Ukrainian and the IV Ukrainian … At the end of war I became the gentleman of an award of the Red Star. In army Yury didn't leave the hobby for theater. He acted in clubs, read to colleagues classics and modern literature, constantly rehearsed performances and concerts with friends. And never I forgot about books. In one of his diaries it is noted: "I have read: Dostoyevsky, Mayne Reid, Danilevsky, Blasco Ibañes, V. Bazov (Bulgaria)..."

At once after demobilization Yury Katin-Yartsev has returned to school at the Vakhtangov theater which has already received a name of Boris Schukin. Also I have from this point steeped, at last, to that world for which has been created. To that world from which it on whole was pulled out seven years by a soldier's overcoat and boots. And, unlike the new companions, he was ready to such change.

"We didn't know how to pass from war to new life, – the classmate Katin-Yartsev Ivan Bobyliov remembers (nowadays – the chief director of the Perm dramatic theater). – We have forgotten that life which was before war, and we didn't understand this yet. And Yura became a leader among us at once. Not because we have elected him but because he felt pity for everyone. We left him brightened up always. And he has saved us from very many troubles, sorrows. It was a shame to make something badly if he is near, there is a house which it is possible to enter if you are clean before him..."

Katin-Yartsev was more senior than the companions on age. The young Mikhail Ulyanov who has arrived to Moscow from the Omsk region has found both the friend, and the mentor in his face. "He was the most honest, the most decent, fair, wise, sympathetic, – Ulyanov says. – With the troubles all went to him. It left by itself, he didn't aspire to it, but everyone understood that it is lower, worse, "more liquid" than Yura. The small room in the communal flat in Spiridonyevsky Lane was a peculiar club where it was possible to talk, have fun and be fed up..."

Having gained the diploma, Yury Katin-Yartsev remained in school the senior laboratory assistant at department of acting skills. At the same time he has come to Theatre on Small Bronna. And in two years I have begun to conduct independent pedagogical work. It has so developed that the popularity has brought to Yury Katin Yartsevu a role of the fantastic hero by the name of Giuseppe – the Grey nose from "Buratino's Adventures". When Yury Vasilyevich acted in this movie, he was already elderly actor with solid theatrical baggage behind shoulders. But small the drunkard, eternally arguing with the Father Carlo, I have subdued the audience of all age.

Directors liked to work with Katin-Yartsev. Since 70th years the actor acted much. He loved the small roles, but it is more than others – Suvorova in the picture "Bagration". The actor adored this personality, considered that he externally and is internally similar to Suvorov, and was proud of this work. During shootings Yury Vasilyevich had already a serious illness, hardly maintained loadings in an expedition, but has given in to the director's arrangements when it was necessary to saddle a horse and to pass on the mountains.

And two of his images in movies "Agony" and "Farewell" — the deputy Purishkevich and the old man Bogodul became the real milestones not only in Katin-Yartsev's film biography, but also in general in domestic cinema. These works with admiration were remembered by the director Elem Klimov: "Purishkevich – a figure very difficult, the person of mad temperament, extreme views. He was the main murderer of Rasputin, and Yury Vasilyevich has perfectly given it. At the end of the movie there is a long close up: Purishkevich among books.

And there he has played … death. Without words. Once I was told that Mussolini has in many respects taken the ideas of the movement from Purishkevich. I don't know as far as it is the truth, but as to explain to the actor how to play death? And he has played. The second time we have met on shootings of "Farewell". My wife Larisa Shepitko hasn't managed to finish the movie and left me "in inheritance" all group. Katin-Yartsev has played Bogodul – the strange character, the natural person.

And again he has appeared on the place. In the final there was such picture: the eternal tree which was forced down the bulldozer all the time was burned down, but it has stood; nearby – the main character (Stefanie Stanyuta), in terminal state has nestled on the burned trunk, kind of merging with him. And Bogodul approaches her, squelching on dirt, kneels and looks at her. And here two close ups: she which sees nothing any more, and he, being kneeling in dirt, looks at her. How many to both of them years – are unknown, it is people out of age. But we had to understand that he all life loved her … As he has played! Unfortunately, this piece was included into the movie. But I have got acquainted with the actor who has played both death, and love. Without a uniform word".

Yury Katin-Yartsev worked much also on television, was a permanent participant of "Television theater", played in Gogol, Simenon, Balzac, Dostoyevsky, Radzinsky's screen versions, Conan-Doyle, Pushkina, Shol Aleykhem, Sergey Mikhalkov. There was a period when Yury Vasilyevich conducted such popular and nearly only musical TV program as "Morning mail". Katin-Yartsev the art word was one more passion. He has delivered tens the chtetskikh of compositions, solo performances, worked with recognized masters – Yakov Smolensky, Yury Myshkin, Vadim Maratov, Pavel Lyubimtsev. Many of them have taken place as a result of his direction.

But the main duty station of Yury Katin Yartseva always remained school of Schukin. There it was a tuning fork. When he spoke, all calmed down. When he went along the corridor, students got up. When stepped on the stage on any solemn evening, it was stood to clap. For the management he was very inconvenient person with a certain point of view which I was never afraid to state therefore many were rather afraid of his frankness.

Alexander Shirvindt so remembered his methods of work: "When I came to him home, saw: on a floor such sheets banners lay. It is written, we will put, Bogatyrev – and from this small square with a surname there were shooters diversely to other small squares. It was designation of milestones of a career of the student Yura – that he has already played that he showed independently where his messages are farther where to look for material … And, Katin-Yartsev did such educational scheme-razblyudovku for all four years for each student! I also couldn't imagine such scrupulousness in pedagogics!"

He had a unique patience to people that is incomprehensible for others. On his courses there was the worst discipline, it is a lot of incidents, but his children also worked most. What is it, nobody could understand. Katin-Yartsev adored talented lies. If the student has missed a lecture and began to get out, he understood at once in what business. On eyes it was visible that he is ready to burst out laughing that it "is already pricked", but externally I remained грозен. Though I was happy. "Time well lies, so will be a good actor".

Yury Vasilyevich often cried. Not on a look, and in a corner, in kitchen if learned that at someone something not so, someone has left theater, someone have jammed. He worried because he remembered all students on names. Katin-Yartsev applied the system suitable only him to each person. In pedagogics the uniform scheme is developed, and he destroyed all schemes. Communicating with students, he had no opportunity to grow old.

The last years he couldn't be in school any more, and children came to him home. In two days prior to death Yury Vasilyevich worked too, was engaged with two students in an art word … From a student's skit of 1981: "That Katin isn't in time – Yartsev does. Katin doesn't go to Finland, Yartsev shakes Germany by Don Juan's fater.

Yartsev didn't want to take on a course of two fat men, Katin takes, and Gundareva and Bogatyrev are them. Yartsev puts on somehow and strives to live barefoot, Katin doesn't stop trying to get into a cream suit and to fasten a three-inch butterfly. And always Katin's hand doesn't know that Yartsev's hand creates. But both exclaim on conventional "Basic nonsense!":" You hear how the ulcer of his stomach with inspiration fights!."

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