The neighbor, the veteran of the afghan war, have told a story in which there is no wish to trust

Posted by king-ermac 7/5/2018 11:58am
The Neighbor, The Veteran Of The Afghan War, Have Told A Story In Which There Is No Wish To Trust

Behind big events there is fate of little people. Sometimes they play an important role, sometimes minor, and happens and so what it is very difficult to understand – and how it left? Why to this person there was it? Here to you history, believe it or not.

I have a neighbor, the veteran of Afghanistan. One lives, quietly, peacefully, doesn't brawl, always greets. Especially I don't communicate with him, just happens nails I will ask or we will discuss weather.

It happened once to housing and public utilities to arrange repair at our entrance. Whitewashing, painting. In the first day, after a lunch, I have noticed that painters, fairly boozy and sitting on steps, discuss degree of mutual respect.

— … wake me in 100 years, and here drink and steal — I have murmured, passing by — the Mess.

The neighbor rose afterwards and, probably, has heard me.

— It, not the mess, so, nonsense — has laughed it — Pay a visit, I will tell you what is complete chaos.

I have agreed. Have settled down in kitchen, and here that he has told me …

When he served in Avhan, the ambassador of a number of fighting, he together with a platoon was thrown somewhere to mountains, to hold a defensive post. Around on many tens of kilometers there were neither villages, nor uniform live soul, except the alleged enemy.

Together with ammunition they were brought there by helicopters and, having unloaded supplies, left. When have settled down and have mounted a radio receiving station, it has become clear that it doesn't work. There were left without communication, one in mountains.

They have spent about two years there, without deciding to leave a post, and nobody behind them has arrived. For several kilometers the river was found, the source of water and fish, the sniper went shooting to live. Well, wildness full. During all the time a uniform skirmish with the enemy.

In a consequence when ammunition began to come to an end, they have collected everything that could carry away and have on foot gone to border. There was no other exit left, differently starvation.

Having been chosen from others earth, soldiers have learned that war has come to an end, and home have sent them death notifications" with news of loss without message. s wife, having lost hope, I married another, children together with her live in other city.


The neighbor, the veteran of the Afghan war, have told a story in which there is no wish to trust


Neither family, nor the Homeland the person didn't have …

Frankly speaking, I haven't especially believed in his history, hardly I represent that it was possible to forget about the whole group and that this group didn't leave two years a post. Here only … already when left, I have noticed that at him all corridor is forced by canisters with water. On a question — What for? — he has answered — the Habit from Avhan. Even I don't know, to trust or not.

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