The russians said when old age begins

Posted by king-ermac 11/7/2018 01:58pm
The Russians Said When Old Age Begins

As shown poll the all-Russia centre of studying of public opinion (VTSIOM), Russians on average believe that old age starts after the age of 63.

According to the poll, 21% of respondents believe that old age starts in the period from 60 to 64 years, 18% 55 to 59 years, 14% 50 - 54 years. Based on the answers of respondents, the polls have determined the average age limit at which begins the old age -- 63 years.

It is also reported that most older people spend their free time in the country (49%) or TV and radio (41%). One in three (35%) of respondents aged 60 years and older engaged in housework. Another 31% of older respondents in their free time devote to meeting with friends. While 30% of respondents work with children. Listen to music and read books prefer, 29% of older people. One in four (26%) spends time walking in nature. Reading Newspapers and magazines it is interesting to 22% among people older than 60 years. And one in five (19%) of respondents aged 60 years and older spends his free time on the Internet.

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