The travel card from alphabank for travel is all truth about miles

Posted by king-ermac 1/10/2019 04:43pm
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Debit card Alfranca for travelers a good, regular, Premium.Look in something even more attractively, in my opinion, than credit though usually there is everything on the contrary.I to myself think to order the Premium the card to receive 5% a cashback, actually, for the sake of it everything and is necessary.Well, to Priority Pass was, although it is more difficult, not the best offer.But about everything one after another.

What I don't like about AlfaBank is that they hide the commissions and scatter their rates on different pages. Hell break a leg sometimes. But nothing, I have it all figured out, share with you now. I hope I will be able to tell you more clearly about what kind of product alpha offers for travelers.

I must say, to obtain good conditions for travel cards AlfaBank is not for everyone. And the minimum conditions are comparable with many other banks. Therefore, how this card received the award in 2018, as the best for travelers, the question. So say, not a mass product.

Free medical insurance is included with all travel cards.

Priority Pass goes only to the Premium.

Cards Alpha Travel for travel

Terms of free service and cashback in 2% to perform very easily to most travelers. Therefore, first of all, it is worth considering this card from AlfaBank, if there are no other cards for travel (and it is necessary to start somewhere), and more complex conditions can not be fulfilled. In fact, a free card, but with cashback.

Debit AlfaTravel 1000 miles →

Cash withdrawal by the abroad: it is free.

Health insurance: 50 thousand euros with the included option "Extreme sports".

Annual maintenance: when spending more than 10 000 rubles / month for free, otherwise 100 rubles / month.

The best map of the entire line, arranged as part of the Premium package. But it is the most difficult to fulfill all the conditions for free service and passes to the business halls. Buns are the most: increased cashback on tickets/hotels/shopping, insurance for the whole family, Priority Pass. Cashback at once for everything and that above 2-3% is now very rare, so it is not surprising that there are full of conditions.

It makes sense to do this card to those who spends more than 100 thousand rub a month and is ready to keep 1.5 million rubles in the Alpha. Or, who just is ready to hold 3 million. In these cases quite good offer turns out.

Debit AlfaTravel 1000 miles →

Cash withdrawal by the abroad: it is free.

Health insurance : 150 thousand euros for all family with the included option "Extreme Sport". It is possible to enter legal spouses, children, parents. All of them have to accompany the card holder. On them the covering will be 35 thousand euros.

Priority Pass: the Premium package provides limits on passes.4 passes per month - if the average account balance of 3 million.RUB or the average balance of 1.5 million RUB spending 100 thousand RUB / month on debit cards.Passages without restrictions, if the average balance of 6 million.RUB or the average balance of 3 million rubles. spending 200 thousand rubles / month on debit cards.Passes only for the card holder, for attendants — $27.

Annual service: 0 rub as the card is included into a package the Premium, its cost of 5000 rub/month. And here the free of charge a package the Premium can be provided with performance of one of conditions: the average rest from 1.5 million rub of expenditure of 100 thousand rub/month on debit cards, the average rest from 3 million rub, the salary arriving into the account from 250 thousand rubles.

Credit card with low-cost service, available in 2% or 3% options. It is possible to issue it, if you are interested in cashback 2-3% percent. No strings attached, pay your annual Commission and earn your miles. Average guy.

Credit AlfaTravel 1000 miles →

Health insurance: 50 thousand euros with the included option "Extreme sports".

Annual service: 1290 rub (without package of services) and 990 rub (with a package) for the card from 2% of a keshbek. 2990 rub (without package of services) and 2490 rub with a package for the card from 3% of a keshbek.

Credit card is interesting because you get 5% cashback without any conditions. And 5% is really a lot in modern realities. It's great that nothing should be considered to perform, there will always be 5% for all. If you spend a total of a year is enough, then the service charge will pay for itself several times.

It is even possible that having issued a Premium package it will make sense to issue a Premium credit card. Well, not to fool around with monthly expenses. After all, in the case of debiting it is necessary to spend from 100 thousand rubles to ensure that there is 5%, and this is not always possible.

Credit AlfaTravel of 1000 miles →

Health insurance: 50 thousand euros with the included option "Extreme sports".

Priority Pass: same conditions, as well as for the debit card Premium.

Annual service: 6490r (without package of services), 4990r (with a package of services). That is even in a package the Premium should be paid for this card. So-so a condition, considering that for a package the Premium too, either to pay, or to provide its free of charge with the sum into the account and expenditure according to debit (!) cards.

The main disadvantage of Alfa travel cards is that cashback is credited with miles (1 mile = 1 ruble), not money. And these miles can be spent only on for the purchase of tickets (air and rail) and hotels. The airline provides air Ticket booking, hotels Island, the prices are going to wrap. But it all depends on the direction, sometimes the difference is small. In any case, a higher price reduces the profitability of the cards is not much.

Rough example. You saved up 20 thousand miles at the expense of a keshbek of 5% on the Alpha. Let the air ticket cost on the Alpha just 20 thousand, and in other service of 18 thousand (that is is 10% cheaper). With the AllAirlines Tinkoff card ( 2%) you would save up only 8 thousand miles from the same purchases, will not even be enough for such ticket.

On it is necessary to buy tickets/hotels only for the saved-up miles. Except those cases, when the price at them a plus-minus same, as well as everywhere. In fact cards the Alpha are necessary for the sake of a cashback on all purchases, but not for the sake of a cashback for tickets/hotels.

Cards are necessary, first of all, for expenditure. Than bigger you spend, they it is more favorable to those. It is the most favorable to use the map in Russia for constant expenditure to save up miles.

Alfa-Bank takes a Commission of 3% when you pay by card in foreign currency. Therefore, getting cashback 3% (take this map for comparison), you compensate them all. With the AllAirlines card from Tinkoff the same story, there is 2% cashback and 2% Commission, netting. During the journey, the alpha of 3% and Tinkoff 2% equivalent. But the AlfaBank card (if it has a cashback of 3-5%) is more profitable for spending in Russia than Tinkoff.

If you have extra money that you need to keep on Deposit or in investments (they are also taken into account), then it is a good idea to put them in AlfaBank. A reliable state Bank with which nothing will happen. Thus, it will be possible to fulfill the conditions of free service and get buns in the form of cashback 5% and Priority Pass.

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