There is no financial leakage from armenia, and the impact of transport on the economy has decreased. member of the council

Posted by king-ermac 12/28/2018 06:54pm
There Is No Financial Leakage From Armenia, And The Impact Of Transport On The Economy Has Decreased. Member Of The Council

{Member of the Board of the Central Bank of Armenia Artur Stepanyan has denied rumors in the press that the RA-of the amounts or the outflow is still continuing. He is today at the meeting with journalists said that all of its analyses and digital data indicates that this past year a substantial no of any changes related to financial flows. Stepanyan noted that he is also some news I read of the amounts of leakage of he explained.

"Note 2 the circumstances of this year, import volumes have increased, and individuals, also in this auction. That is, the import is from China, the Arab World and the large volume traded over the Internet. And when talking about transport and the environment about how our economy is a significant factor, it should be said that the Economics of transport nanosuit in recent years has declined. If 10 years ago the RA transport GDP-20-26%, further dropped to 17-18%, now 10% in the framework," he said.

Artur Stepanyan noted that transportation has become less but their value to the economy has declined. In addition, he noted that the Transporter of their nominal value continue to grow. According to him, these figures indicate that the amounts Athos trend is not.

as for the question about whether it is possible that the conveyor decline ODG new ideas based on the fact that transportation should be the punishment, Stepanyan said: "the SRC several times explained that the question of transport taxation, I think, a few times I must say that this topic is closed. Personally for me this topic is closed because it is a General Declaration of the Institute. Transport on average, $ 500 there, as it should be subject to the organization",- said Artur Stepanyan.}

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