Three months in the ocean: more than a good round-the-world cruise and what to take

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Three Months In The Ocean: More Than A Good Round-The-World Cruise And What To Take

Autumn now brings the Blues? Well, there's at least one way to get rid of it — to go on a round-the-world cruise. Especially since many of these trips begin just in September-November.

First you need to take care about three free months — that's how long the cruise round the world. As a rule, cruises of such duration begin in one of the ports of the USA or Canada, but there are also shorter programs, with the start of European ports (for example, from Italy and Greece). In any case, you will need to issue several visas at once. Troubles with documents are fully compensated by impressions: depending on the route you will visit two or even more continents, see exotic Islands and the boundless ocean in all its greatness, cross the line of change of dates or the equator.

The price of the cruise usually includes accommodation and meals on Board, as well as entertainment, fitness, swimming pools and other attributes of a luxurious holiday. The cost of round-the-world tours for 80-90 days starts from 800 thousand rubles, and this does not include mandatory expenses such as service fees, excursions, purchases on Board and air travel to the port of destination! If the travel budget is confusing, you can book only part of the route.

Going around the world, do not forget about the dress code-many ocean liners decided to come for dinner in evening clothes. Do not be amiss to take with you and your favorite Board games, as well as a tablet with movies and TV shows (they can be downloaded in advance offline, this option offers, for example, online cinema ivi) to pass the time in the days of sea crossings. Here are just five films that can be seen in such a journey.

Cross the Pacific on a small raft? It is not a fantasy, but a historical fact. In 1947, the Norwegian traveler Thor Heyerdahl collected a 14 by 5 meter long Con-Tiki raft made of resinous wood and together with five friends went to a hundred-day battle with huge marine animals and the riot of nature.

Film "Kon-Tiki" was a long-standing dream of his producer Jeremy Thomas, who for many years waited for the permission of Heyerdahl himself to shoot and received it only in 2002 before the death of the traveler. Filming took place in the Maldives and Malta, Norway, USA, Bulgaria and Thailand. By the way, years later in the expedition Heyerdahl took part and Russian traveler Yuri Senkevich — he and the team of the Tour sailed on the boat "RA" Atlantic ocean.

At midnight of the New year luxury ocean liner "Poseidon" faces a giant wave and crashes. Where to get help. Reverend Frank Scott takes responsibility for a group of nine survivors and intends to take them out of the ship. But the Grand ballroom is located in the heart of the liner, so the heroes have a long and dangerous way through the flooded rooms and crumbling compartments.

Adventure Thriller Ronald neem and Irwin Allen has gained immense popularity among the audience and has collected an impressive cash-84 million dollars in the United States alone. Such a phenomenon could not fail to note the film Academy — they handed the film statuettes for the best song and for"special achievements". The ship in this film — a real hero with his prototype, the British transatlantic liner "Queen Mary" (Queen Mary).

Tense Thriller with a whole scattering of Hollywood stars-Sandra bullock, Willem Dafoe, Jason Patrick-is considered one of the most expensive "sea" films (160 million dollars in the budget).

To please his girlfriend Annie, Alex, an undercover agent, invites her to a romantic cruise on the Caribbean sea on a luxury liner. As luck would have it, on Board this ship is a crazy computer genius who declared war on the capitalists. The company that built the liner did not pay him a salary. But he knows how to subdue the ship's control system... It turns out that the sea voyage may well be high-speed.

Mystical melodrama with young Zach Efron based on the novel of the same name by Ben Sherwood tells the story of Charlie, who lives in a small town on the beautiful coast. Years later, brought him a lot of life shocks, Charlie again meets a classmate Tess, who is preparing to make a trip around the world alone and every day goes to sea.

For the entourage of melodrama in "Double life" hides a good instruction for beginners: how to set the sail, how to drive a wave, how to train on the shore. And you will see the incredible beauty of the yacht, landscapes and sports.

Do you remember what ship to cruise Gesha, semen Semenovich Gorbunkov? In fact, the famous Comedy Leonid Gaidai under the fictional name "Mikhail Svetlov" starred as many as three ships of the black sea fleet: cruise ships "Russia", "Ukraine" and "Georgia". By the way, after the filming of the folk Comedy in the seaport of Sochi appeared his "Mikhail Svetlov" — the management of the port called this name a new pleasure liner.

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