Tradition: tenjin, japan

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Tradition: Tenjin, Japan

To get rid of bad luck and to gain support at examination helps floating on water micosi, believe in Japan.

The ceremony, according to which the river from the temple of Tenmangu in Osaka floated "Holy spirit", more than a thousand years. Ritual dedicated to the patron Saint of science and learning Tanzio is the posthumous name of Sugawara-Michizane but, scholar, poet, and the right hand of the Emperor. Because of the intrigues of the scientist was expelled and died in a foreign land. Soon after his death, fires and floods began. They thought it was the work of an angry scientist. To appease him, the Emperor ordered to worship the spirit of Tenzin.


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Students and schoolchildren consider the spirit of the deceased scientist and poet their patron Saint. Shintoists built a temple dedicated to him in Osaka. Every year on the 24th of July out of it endure micosi (a miniature copy of the sanctuary — a temporary container of the spirit of the main deity of the temple) and pass her on the streets of the city, and the next day floated on a boat down the river to the beat of gongs and the thunder of fireworks. It is believed that this will help to get rid of all the problems, students also — successfully pass the exams.


The material was published in the magazine "Around the world" № 7, July 2018

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