Van gogh's "sunflowers" can "wither" over time

Posted by acapulcosilver 7/28/2018 11:31am
Van Gogh's "sunflowers" Can "wither" Over Time

Art critics have studied the picture which is stored in Vincent Van Gogh's Museum in Amsterdam from the cycle "Sunflowers" by means of x-ray scanning. According to experts, a cloth of 1889 gradually loses brightness.

Van Gogh, as well as his contemporaries, used several pigments which change color over time. As experts have found out, the artist used two different types of yellow paint, one of which, on the basis of chrome, is more subject to destruction under the influence of light. Chemical mapping has allowed to define sites of a picture which can change color.

So far "withering" isn't noticeable with the naked eye. However over time bright yellow petals can darken, also as well as stalks where the same paint was used for receiving a green shade. At the same time orange parts of a background most likely won't change as for his creation Van Gogh used paint with other structure. Also in some areas of a picture the artist used emerald-green and red paint on the basis of lead: over time these sites can become lighter and faded.

"It is difficult to tell when changes become noticeable. It will depend in many respects on external factors" — Frederik Vanmeert from the university of Antwerp participating in examination has noted.

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