"we In The Answer For Those Who Were Tamed"... Top-10 The Interesting Facts About Dumb Animals - Dogs

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"we In The Answer For Those Who Were Tamed"... Top-10 The Interesting Facts About Dumb Animals - Dogs

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Whatever one may do, and dogs are the most right and devoted beings in all this world. They are so clever and sympathetic that many can't even imagine as far as. Not for nothing people get these pets as they know that it is possible to count on them: they not only good security guards, but in certain cases they not worse than the nurse in human shape cope with small children. Perhaps, information provided in this article will help some people to look at this kind and devoted being in a different way.



Some people consider dogs, to put it mildly, not really clever animals. However it is proved that the intelligence of a dog is developed approximately also, as at the two-year-old child. They are capable to solve the simplest problems of mathematics, to keep count to "5" and also our words and gestures for them an empty phrase: they distinguish about 250 words and gestures. Even the fact that dogs look for livelihood by means of the subway, that is move on a long distance not on the paws, and on public transport already has to impress and force people not to doubt many mental capacities of dogs.






It is accepted to believe that the wet nose of a dog is sign that the pet is healthy and feels well. But it not absolutely so. The matter is that the wet nose for a dog is the instrument of cooling, as at people, for example, skin. Besides this function, by means of a wet nose of a dog better and quicker catch smells, than dry.







The tradition to put on to the pet a collar with thorns has gone from Ancient Greece when dogs were attacked by wolves. For the purpose of protection of a neck of dogs against stings of wild animals have also invented collars with thorns. Now such collars carry only decorative function, giving to dogs of fighting breeds of brutality.






Whether somebody noticed that from some dogs the smell of corn chips proceeds? If yes, that such phenomenon carries the name "Frito Feet". At all not because your house friend has found a pack with chips and has eaten it. But because on paws of the pet so many bacteria have accumulated that they have begun to exude a specific smell already. In that case the dog needs the fastest washing.






It would seem, than rain noise to dogs can do much harm? It appears, can. Their ears, so sensitive to rain noise, that it can do harm to animals. For this reason it is seldom possible to see a dog on the street during a rain, only if she in general has no place to hide.






Many of us – sweet teeth, also don't represent without sweet of the life. And here for dogs sweet is contraindicated as in an organism of animals there are no such enzymes which, for example, would split the theobromine which is contained in chocolate. Therefore the pet can die of high doses of sweet.






For anybody not a secret that one and all dogs are able to do and can float. But a champion in this sport are Newfoundland who in water overcomes rather long distances and upon completion of a heat leave water... dry. It is the best of all to float him their webby paws help, and wool doesn't napityvat water.






Most of us don't even represent what sizes these surprising animals can reach. It is known that growth of the biggest dog in the world is 2 meters 20 centimeters. Conferred a title belongs to the representative of such breed as the German mastiff. And its contrast, that is the smallest doggie is the chihuahua which growth is no more than a metal tin from under Coca-Cola.






Dogs don't distinguish color. In this respect scientists have 2 opinions: one says that animals have an ability to distinguish colors as they react to traffic light signals, and the second says that dogs react to their arrangement on the traffic light and also on crowd of people who either stand, or move. But dogs objects in the dark are capable to see and distinguish.








Probably, there is no dog who wouldn't make the howling sounds at night, the Basic their congenital instinct, that is as at wolves from whom there were dogs is the reason of it. And then this terrible feeling of hunger, boredom, a disease and other reasons which are minor.





After all mysterious they, our pets, but at the same time friendly and sociable.

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