What will be if to retrain the child from the left hand on right. personal experience of the author

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What Will Be If To Retrain The Child From The Left Hand On Right. Personal Experience Of The Author

The present generation of school students was madly lucky: nobody takes a steam bath concerning in what hand they hold handles and pencils. Right-handed person? It's cool! Lefthander? Yes too without problems. But years... it was necessary to dtsat to little lefthanders hardly back: them literally by force accustomed to use the "correct" hand. And how you think, they guessed what it can lead to?

Especially for you we will tell about how is to the retrained lefthander. Change of the leading hand seldom takes place without consequences.


What will be if to retrain the child from the left hand on right. Personal experience of the author


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Approximately on the 6th year of my life house have bethought that I draw and I try to remove the first scribble the left hand, and have amicably rushed to correct it. The pretext was following: "And what will tell at school?!"

Of course, atrocities like the pockets which are sewn up at the left or the attached hand weren't. Just from my left hand methodically pulled out a spoon, a fork, a needle, a broom and other functional pieces. Put in right and learned, "as it is necessary".

It is necessary to tell that I have got under the final of dismantling with lefthanders. It was the beginning of the 90th years when gradually began to provide to pupils freedom of choice. By the way, one of my schoolmates quietly wrote with the left hand, and it didn't concern the teacher at all.


What will be if to retrain the child from the left hand on right. Personal experience of the author


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Already at more age of reason I began to think from where such attitude towards lefthanders has gone. There is a set of versions on this subject: from banal superstition (the left hand — "from the evil") to unwillingness of teachers and parents to work with the child who doesn't fit into the standard standards.

There is a curious version that tradition to retrain lefthanders is connected with need to write with fountain pens. Earlier children wrote with ink which could be smeared if accidentally to touch written. And lefthanders conduct a hand just over a new line.

One more version to me was read by the familiar teacher. It sounded as follows: "It is correct what was retrained earlier. Present that in a class of 30 children, at everyone a copy-book and a notebook in a slanting lineechka with a classical inclination of letters. All write as it is necessary, and it is necessary to potter with two-three pupils separately. Time grudges for much, to forbid to write with the left hand much more simply".

Efforts of parents were crowned with success: now I write with the right hand. I eat, I sweep the floor and I sew buttons of right too. However, it wasn't without small incidents. The attempt to accustom me to hold the handle "as all" that at school didn't pay attention, hasn't resulted in desirable result.

Yes, I hold the handle in the right hand. But here so.

To retrain me it wasn't succeeded to hold the handle any more. As a result I became an object of special attention from all teachers — from elementary school and to a graduation class. With my natural shyness it was the real shock for me. However the natural obstinacy after all has won.

Similar position of the handle doesn't affect quality of the letter at all. On the contrary, at institute I developed a peculiar cursive writing, and I could write down lectures even for the "fastest" teachers. And still I can write specularly and quickly I read the text from right to left. And left I can write too. The handwriting, of course, is worse: after all I specially never trained her.


What will be if to retrain the child from the left hand on right. Personal experience of the author


Here so my attempt to write with both hands looks. Specially I didn't train.

Surprisingly, but my son who long couldn't be defined the right-handed person he or the lefthander, has taken the handle in precisely the same way (but at once in the right hand). Honestly, I didn't show and I didn't learn. And in general, I print more now, than I write by hand. In the 1st class the child had to sustain a heap of attempts of reeducation. Therefore I have taken a situation in hand. There are such magic phrases: "It is so convenient to him", "I write also and is still alive" and "Under my responsibility".


Transfers in the car should be switched by the right hand. Inconveniently, but it is possible to get used.

Over time the retrained lefthander gets used to live in the world of right-handed persons. Nevertheless some moments remain with him for the rest of life.

Now the skill of driving is fulfilled too to automatism therefore I am not afraid to hand over back any more. And here a habit it is strange to pass across the road I remained: at first I look to the right, and only then on the left, and in the middle of the road — once again to the right it is (already correct).

It were the main minuses. I have got used to other manifestations of the right handed world. Quietly I use a mouse (but never I use the "right" figures on the keyboard, only that from above), I open cans, I shake the necessary hands at a meeting with acquaintances.

I like to be the lefthander. There is in it some counter — to feel not it as all. Periodically I check whether my levorukost (and suddenly was gone!), also I calm down: all are normal. According to the classical test of four letters I show LLPL, and the girl on this gif image at me always rotates counterclockwise, pointing to more active work of the right hemisphere.



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And you lefthander or right-handed person? How do you consider whether it is worth retraining little lefthanders?

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