Whether it is possible to achieve success and recognition if you the introvert?

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Whether It Is Possible To Achieve Success And Recognition If You The Introvert?

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Despite the hyper tolerant present, in our society there is firmly taken roots bias to introverts.Often they are associated with people whom throws into a shiver from a call of unfamiliar number or the offer to say a toast on a visit, and opposed to the real kings of society — extroverts who 24 on 7 light at parties, office presentations and on the love front.Involuntarily there is a question: and whether the introvert can achieve in general success in the world which is operated by extroverts?

Reflect on this injustice to us in were forced by psycholinguists from the University of Michigan (USA) which studied such phenomenon, as "grammar-Nazi" (people with pathological desire to point to mistakes in someone else's text), and came to the following conclusion: "More ekstravertivny people will ignore rather mistakes, and introvertivny — negatively to judge the author of the text.Because less gaining people are more sensitive to grammar"."Less gaining people" is a stone not only in a kitchen garden "grammar-Nazi", but also on the territory of an introversion.Let's understand from where such stereotype.

Whether it is possible to achieve success and recognition if you the introvert?

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Extroversion and introversion is the way in which a person replenishes his energy. Extroverts scoop it from the outside — from communication and new impressions, and introverts take energy from within.At the same time clean representatives of this or that look practically do not exist.Most people can be attributed more to ambiverts — as you know, this is the middle type.

But today this originally yungovsky classification of the personality hypertrophied to extremes, than generated a set of quite misleading myths:

The introvert is a mysterious nature with rich inner world, and the extrovert — the superficial chatterbox. Is not present, spiritual filling of the person depends only on him, and is not present from type of his identity. So modern fashion "pretend to be the introvert to seem the "conceptual" personality" it is quite doubtful.

Ekstraversiya defines success degree at once. Actually communication between eloquence and value of the ideas is often equal to zero.

Whether it is possible to achieve success and recognition if you the introvert?

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And if slightly to change this public model, having created comfortable conditions for more closed people, it would help them to disclose as much as possible the talents and at last to become equal members of society. For now, it is worth recognizing, certain "introvertosheyming" reigns in the world very tolerant, but nevertheless.

Whether it is possible to achieve success and recognition if you the introvert?

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As we already noted, it is considered that the true head has to be an extrovert.But Adam Grant's research from the Wharton school of business (USA) proves the opposite: according to statistics, the best managers are obtained from introverts .And all thanks to the fact that they listen to subordinates more and give them the chance to implement the projects whereas the head-extrovert is enraptured with own ideas more often.

And in General, without introverts, the world would be different: imagine what would be without Newton, Darwin and Tesla? Without Zuckerberg, gates and Larry page? Most likely, these people were able to develop their intelligence to such a level thanks to the blocking of energy from the outside.

In the sphere of art introverts prevail at all rather.It's hard to create something brilliant, spilling the energy around, to create needed domestic harmony.But there is a reservation: often the creative introversion becomes a synonym of loneliness and melancholy.Remember Byron, Lermontov, Kafka, Edgar PoE-and these are examples only from the world of literature.Let's risk to assume that the closeness and outstanding force of imagination results in the enhanced effect "me nobody understands".Perhaps that is why there are so few geniuses.

Whether it is possible to achieve success and recognition if you the introvert?

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"Every time I was given to understand that my calm and reserved lifestyle is not quite right, that I need to change and become an extrovert, deep down I always understood that it is wrong that introverts are beautiful in themselves.However, for years I did not believe my intuition and, imagine, even became a lawyer on wall street, although all my life I dreamed of becoming a writer-partly because I wanted to prove to myself that I can also be brave and assertive.I went to noisy bars, although I would rather just have a quiet dinner with friends.I broke myself so mechanically, I didn't even notice it.».

As a result of Susan Cain after all became the writer.The main conclusion reached by the exemplary introvert in her face is that trying to remake itself is a great loss .Loss not only for themselves, but also for society because introverts are necessary for the world.The world needs good leaders, scientists, programmers, poets and philosophers.Introverts have to do what at them turns out best of all — then they will achieve success and recognition.

And, in turn, acceptance of and freedom from public prejudices are necessary for the introvert. To pretend to be the hyperactive personality when you that are not, will look silly. People are pushed away by falseness, and introverts are beautiful in itself.

Whether it is possible to achieve success and recognition if you the introvert?

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And finally there is a wish to tell that article is not designed to idolize introverts, just periodically there is a wish to remove emotional monopoly all darlings and, without irony, beautiful extroverts. Do you agree with us?

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