Whether it is possible to do without fish in the diet

Posted by king-ermac 6/28/2018 08:47pm
Whether It Is Possible To Do Without Fish In The Diet

American cardiologists have made the statement for advantage of the regular use of fish in food. According to experts, it considerably reduces risk of emergence of problems with health, including arthritises and cardiovascular diseases. 

To return to a question of advantage of the seafood rich with fatty acids an omega-3, it was necessary to scientists because of concern of consumers concerning possible pollution of fish about toxic substances, for example mercury. However, having analysed everything pros and cons, scientists have come to a conclusion that it is plus from fish dishes after all more, than potential risks.

The American association of cardiologists recommends to use approximately on 140 grams of fish a minimum twice a week. It will allow to reduce risk of heart failure, coronary heart disease, heart attack and stroke. At the same time it is necessary to give preference salmon, mackerels, a herring, a trout, a sardine and a tuna. From fried fish, physicians say, it is better to refrain.

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