Who Can Convince Communistic China To Be Engaged In Protection Of The Far East Woods?

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Who Can Convince Communistic China To Be Engaged In Protection Of The Far East Woods?

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The Chinese civilization — one of the oldest in the world, her age can make five thousand years, at the same time the available written sources confirm the period not less than 3500 years.


China is the homeland of four considerable inventions of a human civilization: papers, compass, gunpowder and publishing. However not enduring influence Great Britain, France and the USA in the 19th century strongly has affected mental abilities of Chinese. Especially it was strongly shown at the time of the cultural revolution. The company on fight against sparrows was the most impressive. The plan of a campaign was in extermination of "four wreckers" — rats, mosquitoes, flies and Vorobyov. The campaign against Vorobyov has accepted the most mass character. Promotion explained that sparrows eat a grain yield, yielding to the national economy a heavy loss. According to the estimates of the Chinese research institute of zoology, sparrows in a year ate so much grain that it would be enough to support 35 million people.


In a year after the campaign the harvest became really much better. At the same time the caterpillars and a locust eating escapes as in an ecosystem the important natural regulator which to replace has disappeared have bred was not whom. In a year, thanking before the saved-up population of wreckers, harvests have sharply decreased, in the country there has come hunger as a result of which from 10 to 30 million people have died. It has been so by practical consideration proved that agrotechnical advantage Vorobyov is significantly higher than the done harm.


Except fight against sparrows there were also other inadequate experiments. Companion Mao has told that for increase in productivity it is necessary to dig over the soil more deeply. Powerful tractors in China weren't, for that there was many population. Peasants were built a chain and dug a ditch of thirty centimeters in depth. Then were displaced and dug a new ditch, filling up dug out earlier. Finally the fertile layer has appeared under mineral soil and the huge areas became fruitless.


Implementation of one more program for increase in productivity of wheat was less harmful. The decision to plant bigger quantity of seeds on square meter of an arable land has been made. At first everything went well. But then it has become clear that plants lack light. It was necessary to establish searchlights. After that it has turned out that to plants doesn't gasp. For elimination of a problem have installed fans.


Above I have remembered the listed stories, having read on Lenta.ru the publication "China Announced the Largest Intervention in Climate of Earth" from which I have learned that the Chinese scientists plan to increase an amount of precipitation in the Plateau of Tibet to 10 billion cubic meters a year. Within the Tianhe project in mountains tens of thousands of cameras which will release in the atmosphere of a particle of iodide of silver — the connection which is dozhdeobrazuyushchy reagent will be installed.


The phrase "dozhdeobrazuyushchy reagent", can mislead the people having test education. The matter is that iodide of silver doesn't increase amount of moisture in the atmosphere, just at a certain humidity of air it provokes loss of rainfall. Moscow used this property for "dispersal of clouds" when holding mass, politically important actions. But, if in Moscow the rain wasn't, water flew to Moscow area.


From March 20, 1967 to July 5, 1972, during a rainy season the U.S. Army performed the operation "Popay". In five years of the U.S. Air Force have made 2 602 departures only to dump on clouds of 47 thousand 409 containers with silver iodide for flooding and degradation of "Ho Chi Minh's track". In a consequence, media called these actions "use of climatic weapon".



Who can convince communistic China to be engaged in protection of the Far East woods?


The Plateau of Tibet — the biggest and high uplands on the globe in Central Asia or the Southern Asia to the north from the malayas, mainly in China. On the Plateau of Tibet the Indus Rivers, Brahmaputra, Salween, Mekong, Yangtze, Huang He begin.


Indus the large river in the Southern Asia, proceeds mostly across the territory of northwest India and Pakistan.


Brahmaputra — the river in China, India and Bangladesh, the left inflow of Ganges; one of the largest waterways in the Southern Asia.


Mekong — "The river of nine dragons". Proceeds in China, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia. The biggest on the peninsula of Indochina. Length — about 4500 km. The area of the pool — 810 thousand km ².


Unnatural experiments of China can cause floods in six neighboring states. With some of them at China difficult relations.


It is impossible to fight against the nature. The nature it is necessary to understand and adapt to her features.


The climate of China is characterized, first of all, by monsoonal rains and a pronounced change of seasons, frequent norths with a small amount of rainfall in the winter and frequent southern winds with plentiful rains in the summer.


The climate of China is influenced by norths from Russia. Wind, it not only the movement of air in horizontal the direction, it also transfer of moisture. Which existence, sometimes depends on the person. And this "person" are black woodcutters who set fire to the Far East taiga for providing with cheap wood the Chinese factories.


The woods are the natural regulator of moisture. The burning woods evaporate moisture from air. Besides the burning woods create areas of the lowered pressure and have the leading role of unpredictable.



Who can convince communistic China to be engaged in protection of the Far East woods?


In the circumstances, China has two ways, or, risking to spoil the relations with six neighboring states to mount tens of thousands of the cameras which are releasing in the atmosphere of a particle of iodide of silver or to agree amicably with Russia about rational use of the Far East woods.


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