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Who Will Help Elon Musk To Get To Mars Tech Business Innovation

The space tourism industry is entering a fundamentally new level. Soon wishing to fly on the rocket will send to space the whole groups, and clients will be able to visit not only in a near-earth orbit, but also far beyond its limits.
The founder of SpaceX Elon Musk called the name of the first person who in 2023 will have to go to the moon. It was the Japanese founder of the online clothing store Zozo Yusaka Maezawa, his fortune Forbes estimates at $2.9 billion Elon Musk plans to use the money received from the Japanese entrepreneur for the construction of the launch vehicle Big Falcon Rocket, which is now in production. It is reported that the journey of the space tourist will last a week.

Dream of a life

Elon Musk refused to name the cost of sending a Japanese businessman into space. According to the founder of SpaceX, the amount will make a significant contribution to the development and construction of a super-heavy rocket, the cost of which Musk estimated at about $5 billion as 42-year-old Maezawa said, money is not important for him in life, he has long dreamed of visiting space. Also, the future astronaut promised to take six or eight musicians, artists, designers on a trip. "They could create something upon returning to Earth, and these masterpieces would inspire us," the businessman said. It is possible that Elon Musk himself will make the company to the Japanese entrepreneur and creative people invited by him. At least he admits the possibility. During the presentation, which was announced the name of the space tourist, Musk noticed that in the history of only 24 people were members of lunar expeditions, and after the mission "Apollo" in 1972 to the moon no one flew.


Musk is known to the world as a tireless inventor. Even when he was engaged in the PayPal payment system, he had the idea to make space flights cheaper by returning to earth the first stages of missiles. Now Musk is busy simultaneously with several ambitious projects. In addition to the company-developer spaceships SpaceX Musk also founded the company Tesla Motors, producing electric vehicles, initiated the project Hyperloop (transport system with a vacuum train, which can potentially accelerate to 8000 km/h), Solar City (solar energy), Open AI (research in the field of artificial intelligence). Also, the entrepreneur is working on a project that will connect the computer to the human brain, and, according to Musk, the first integrated gadgets will appear in a few years.

At the same time, Elon Musk is not the only businessman who is trying to develop new technologies for space flights. For example, one of the founders of Microsoft Paul Allen offers his project-catamaran Stratolaunch with a wingspan of 117 meters, which is more than any existing liner. With Stratolaunch, it will be possible to launch rockets and spaceships at an altitude of 9,000 km, which will significantly reduce the cost of flights. The first flight of the ship launched from a catamaran is planned in 2019.

No less interesting is the project of the British entrepreneur Richard Branson Virgin Galactic. Previously, the businessman invested in the development of road and rail transport, now almost all his time is devoted to the construction of vehicles for space tourism. By the end of last year, Branson has sold more than 900 trips to space and promises that in the coming years the flight will cost tourists no more than $ 250 thousand.

Interested in space Amazon founder and one of the richest people in the world Jeff Bezos. Back in 2000, he founded the company Blue Origin with an office in Texas. In 2015, the company held a successful launch of triple spacecraft New Shepard, in the following tests it was possible not only to send into space, but also vertically to land. According to Bezos, humanity should explore space as quickly as possible.

Russian businessmen also invest in the study of the Universe. One of the founders Mail.Ru Group Yuri Milner, who was friends with the famous American astrophysicist Stephen Hawking, has invested more than $100 million to rent the world's most powerful telescopes. Milner says he's willing to spend the rest of his life searching for sentient beings outside the Solar system.

The Colonization Of Mars

In the office of SpaceX in Hawthorne (California) hang two large images of Mars. On one poster it looks like now — lifeless red desert, on the second-in the form of blooming green planet with lots of water. Elon Musk does not hide that he wants to turn the dream of a livable Mars into reality.
In mid-August, it became known that the company SpaceX held in Colorado secret scientific conference on the colonization of Mars. According to information leaked to the press, it became known that the invitation was sent to more than 60 scientists, the event was also attended by current participants of NASA's Martian programs. Thus, the conference has become the largest in recent years devoted to the development of the neighboring planet.

It is known that Elon Musk founded SpaceX in 2002, largely for the reason that at that time NASA did not have a clear program of settling Mars. Since then, the company has achieved some results in the construction of space rockets. The first launch of the Falcon rocket took place in March 2006 and ended in an accident, it was possible to put into orbit a payload only in September 2008.
A real breakthrough for the space industry was the first ever landing of the returned first stage of the rocket in December 2015. A few months later, the stage of the Falcon 9 rocket managed to land on the sea platform. On February 6, 2018, a successful launch of the Falcon Heavy super-heavy rocket was made, Tesla electric vehicle was launched as a payload. Today it is the most powerful carrier rocket in the world, capable of bringing into orbit up to 64 tons.

Rocket BigFalcon Rocket, which is going to fly around the moon Japanese businessman Shrinkage Maezawa, along with creative people, is still under development, but it should significantly exceed Falcon Heavy. It is known that the launch vehicle will have a length of 118 meters, and the length of the spacecraft in which passengers are planned to be transported will be 55 meters. It can accommodate up to a hundred people, which is comparable to Intercontinental Airliners. According to the plan, this rocket will have to deliver the cargo for the construction of the station on Mars in 2022, and the first manned flight to the red planet is scheduled for 2024. In the same year, Roscosmos plans to complete the operation of the International space station (ISS).

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