Why the tower of pisa doesn't fall in any way and even maintains earthquakes?

Posted by elijahosborne 6/26/2018 05:21pm
Why The Tower Of Pisa Doesn't Fall In Any Way And Even Maintains Earthquakes?

To the well-known construction seven centuries and during this time the falling tower not only I haven't fallen in the Italian city of Pisa, on the contrary, I have stood where hundreds of other stronger by sight of structures have turned into fragments. Italy is located not strongly successfully, there passes the joint of the African and Euroasian tectonic plates, plus is several active volcanoes. A word – shakes and very decently. And the Tower of Pisa stands and doesn't fall. Why?

Problems at a tower have begun in the 1370th, right after the beginning of construction when has settled the second floor. It has become clear that the place was chosen extremely unsuccessfully, on weak soil, and about the base have forgotten at all. Because of it the tower also has begun to heel, but medieval engineers have enclosed all the ability and many means to build other floors the strongest. Let to itself will fall once, but will draw attention of tourists before – and left.

However in the middle of the 20th century the Italian authorities were puzzled with a question: when falls? Times are others, it is necessary to take care of safety therefore it was offered to save the Tower of Pisa. The ideas put forward weight, but there was further what nobody expected – an earthquake measuring more than 6 points. It is a lot of destructions in the city of Pisa and vicinities, but a tower, that, has resisted. And then engineers have understood that here a certain secret is hidden.


Why the Tower of Pisa doesn't fall in any way and even maintains earthquakes?


The long-term project on studying of the Tower of Pisa when the design and surrounding lands were counted nearly to millimeter has been started, having checked all known ways. And today scientists can tell what became the reason of such unique behavior of a tower. The matter is that she the wonder of the world is valid – soil has turned out so soft that doesn't transfer crust pushes to the building at all. And it, efforts of engineers, has turned out heavy-duty and from any there rockings will never collapse.


Why the Tower of Pisa doesn't fall in any way and even maintains earthquakes?


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