Wild dogs kept genes of the died-out red wolf

Posted by elijahosborne 1/8/2019 07:20pm
Wild Dogs Kept Genes Of The Died-Out Red Wolf

On the island Galveston at the coast of the Gulf of Mexico scientists found population of dogs who kept genes of the died-out red wolves. In the State of Texas which Galveston treats these predators were not met 35 years.

Once red wolves lived in all territory of the USA, but by 1970th years they appeared on the verge of total disappearance. To keep a look, biologists caught the last known red wolves for the program of cultivation in bondage. The only famous group of red wolves (Canis rufus) small population of predators to Northern Carolina is considered.

{Biologist with Galveston island Ron Wooten (Ron Wooten) found two dead dogs on the side of the road and sent samples to study in Princeton University}.According to Bridzhet von Holdt (Bridgett von Holdt) which accepted samples, similar inquiries arrive regularly.In most cases take ordinary coyotes for red wolves.{However, this time everything turned out differently}.Scientists extracted DNA from the samples sent from Galveston and found genes of a red wolf.{

According to experts, the found genes corresponded to the samples received at the red wolves from Northern Carolina brought in bondage.However besides these genes, dogs from Galveston were carriers of a unique genetic variation.Scientists consider that these genes were lost as a result of reproduction in bondage."It is incredibly seldom possible to find animals again in the region where they were considered died out, and it is even more interesting to show that a part of a disappearing genome remained in the wild nature", - Elizabeth Heppenheimer who was also participating in a research noted.

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