Your child will inherit it only from the father

Posted by elijahosborne 12/12/2018 12:30pm
Your Child Will Inherit It Only From The Father ARTICLE

In spite of the fact that outside 2018 — year of opening and new technologies, progress and flights in space, the science of the geneticist still conceals many secrets for scientists.It gradually opens from the most unexpected sides, and some things strike even skilled geneticists.For example, whether you knew that there are several things which the child will surely inherit only from the father? Of course, the kid will mix in himself the dominating lines of both parents, however from the father he will get certain features.Read more about them below.

Heart disease

According to researches of scientists of the University of Leicester, male carriers of a certain type of a chromosome, are 50% more often subject to diseases of coronary arteries. This feature can be transferred to sons.

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Among the mental disorders that are transmitted from men to children are schizophrenia and ADHD. The older the father, the higher the risk, as the man's DNA changes over the years. But women are born with a certain set of eggs, and their DNA does not change throughout life.

Curve teeth

The male genes responsible for teeth and jaw shape are stronger than the female genes. From the father the child can get not only crooked teeth, but also a weak enamel.

Problems with infertility

Scientists claim that low sperm quality can be a genetic problem. If the child was born as a result of IVF, it is likely that he will also suffer from infertility.

The sex of the baby

Men's genes define a sex of future child. The forecast can be made, having studied a family tree of the father. In case sperm bears the H-chromosome, then having connected to mother's H-chromosome – there will be a girl. And if in sperm the Y-chromosome – the boy is put.

Color of eyes of the child

Men's genes are dominating therefore such important lines as a face form of the child, color of eyes and a cheekbone, most likely, will be same, as at the father.

Growth of the child depends on fatherly genes too. Tall men often have high children.

Your child will inherit it only from the father

Several facts about intelligence:

1. Intelligence is not passed from father to son. That is, the child of genius will not have phenomenal mental abilities.

2. The idiocy is not transferred from the father to the son. There is a reverse situation: the son of the backward father in intellectual development can quite become a genius.

3. Intelligence from a father can only be passed on to a daughter. And only half.

4. The man can inherit intelligence only from the mother which she, in turn, received from the father.

Conclusions for men:

1. To predict mental capacities of the son, it is enough to look at the father of the wife. If he is an academician, then the son will be clever too.

2. On intelligence the daughter will be closer to you. Her son will receive all your mental capacities. You want clever generation — dream of the daughter.

3. Your mental capacities from mother, and are more right from the grandfather.

Conclusions for women:

1. Your son is a mental copy of your father.

2. By the nature of your daughter will be like you, but the mind will go to his father. Her sons will be mental copies of her husband.

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